About us

We are a company, specializing in the climate control systems. We have got rich experience working with both large HVAC projects and complex, extraordinary microclimate tasks.

Being innovators by nature, when assessing experience in the field and seeing the shortcomings and its possible solutions, we decided to develop and offer the market a more suitable product.

One of the main problems we encountered was the supervision of ventilation system and their control. These issues often arose because control boxes are always in immediate proximity of the ventilation machines located in ventilation chambers on the technical floors which create a significant dispersion of the site. Therefore having customizable settings, rapid fault detection or even on-off of the ventilation system is a serious difficulty. Non-surgical monitoring of the system often leads to violation of technological processes of production, climatic parameters of the location, overuse of electricity, damage to equipment, etc.

SCADA system allows to bypass these issues, the essence of which is the possibility of real-time monitoring and management of all systems from one place. However, to date, this offer exists as an additional option for a control system which in turn increases costs.
We tackle this problem by making this option a de-facto standard, calling it the SCADA-INTEGRO and offer it already in the standard complete set.