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HMI panels

One panel is able to supervise and control up to 32 control boxes. The maximum distance of the farthest panel must not exceed 1000 m.

The operational program panel uses a 4 window display.
The main window contains an interactive list of all ventilation systems, made in the form of a table in which each ventilation system shows:

  • the current status - "Stop", "Start", "Run", "Failure";
  • indicates the basic temperature – outdoor, duct, room and the setpoint
  • enables the control buttons - "Start" and "Stop"

The next window is a window of visualization of each ventilation system. Here you can watch the detailed device function of the ventilation system, see the current status of equipment and environments - the rotation of the fan, the movement of fluids in the heat exchangers and air flow. Also here are displayed all the parameters of the ventilation system: the data for all temperature sensors, the levels of the three-way valves, electric heater and fans, expressed at percentages. In addition, the visualization window displays the emergency status equipment as they arise. This window has all the necessary information for the engineering staff. It displays all relevant information about the work of the ventilation system on a single screen in real time.

With this mode, a separate settings window is displayed with which the operator can change the temperature setpoint, on-off ventilation system, to reset alarms and finally to change the fan speed.

The last window is an emergencies display, which is shown in the form of a journal, the nature an accident and time of the event for each ventilation system. It should be added that the emergence of a critical accident may be accompanied by an audible signal, thereby promptly notifying the operator of any emergency situation.

The nomenclature and the prices of the HMI panel, you can see in the section Ordering.