Air Handling Units control cabinets

Control cabinets for Supply AHUs

Manage the supply air handling units with water heater, cooler, electric heater and AC motor drive of fan.

Automation functions:

  • automatically maintain the desired temperature in the supply duct or room by controlling the three-way valves of the water heater, cooler as well as the electric heater
  • start the fan and adjust its speed with AC motor drive
  • opening the dumper
  • water pump control


  • fire alarm
  • water heater freezing
  • chiller malfunction
  • filter pollution
  • AC motor drive malfunction
  • fan start
  • temperature: outdoor, room, duct, return water, cooler, electric heater

Control interface:

  • local, on the panel
  • remote, via the operator panel, range up to 1000m. One panel connects up to 32 control boxes; detailed functions are explained in the Operator Panel section.

The nomenclature and the prices of control cabinets can be found in section Ordering.