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Ventilation machines cannot function without a control system and without them they are just "expensive scrap." A control system follows the same rules and cannot work without peripherals because it is the "eyes and hands" of the automation. Additional equipment for automation systems are sensors and actuators.

For ventilation machine control additional peripheral equipment is used:

  1. temperature sensors: outdoors, room, duct and water are used directly in the process of automation control, which display these values to the user;
  2. temperature relay (thermostats), used to indicate the critical temperature of the heaters and coolers;
  3. pressure switch (pressure gage) are used to indicate the maximum permissible values of pressure during operation of the machines;
  4. air damper actuators are used to control air dampers;
  5. water valve actuators are used for controlling the amount of fluid fed to the heater or cooler;
  6. AC motor drives are required to change the fan speed of the ventilation machines;
  7. heat and coolant mixing nodes, the main component being the three-way valve;
  8. a water pump, which is necessary to maintain constant coolant flow in the heat exchanger.

In our control systems we use equipment of world producers. The nomenclature and the prices you can find in the section Ordering.